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Brooke has been buying and selling properties in Sydney’s hyper-competitive real estate market for 15 years. Buying property isn’t just her job – it’s her passion. Helping people make their dreams come true through property is what she does everyday. Learn more about Brooke Flint

Tips to Buying Well as the Sydney Property Market Cools

Tips to buying well as the Sydney property market cools This is a blog I wrote back in 2015 as the market was cooling down, the same tips apply though. As you may have heard the Sydney property market is starting to cool down. Sydney wide auction clearance rates have stayed around 65 – 75% [...]

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What Marriage Equality Will Mean for Sydney

What Marriage Equality Will Mean for Sydney What Is The Marriage Equality Plebiscite? Same sex marriage, and more importantly marriage equality has been a political discussion point since the early 2000's. Successive governments have been debating it, and now finally, there will be a plebiscite. This means that the public can provide feedback on proposed [...]

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7 Reasons Why Inner Sydney Is So Attractive To Investors

7 Reasons Why Inner Sydney Is So Attractive To Investors For the past 15 years Sydney has seen a boom in economic, population and social growth. The underlying reasons for this boom across the city can be summed up in 7 core reasons. And once you understand these reasons, you will also understand why Sydney [...]

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Has the Sydney property market experienced a bubble?

This is a common question that many buyers and sellers in Sydney are asking these days. The answer to this question is entirely dependent on what media you listen to or what papers you read. To try and help you understand where the Sydney property market currently stands, we have put together this article. Trends [...]

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How The 2016 Census Tells A Story About The Property Market

How The 2016 Census Tells A Story About The Property Market One of the key factors in determining trends in house prices is to look at population growth and distribution. With the 2016 Australian census data now published, it helps buyers, sellers and investors to get a clear picture of what population statistics are actually [...]

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A Millennial Approach To Home Ownership

A Millennial Approach To Home Ownership The Sydney property market has been booming for over a decade now. Real estate prices have risen sharply. This has put a lot of strain on young people and families to achieve the dream of home ownership. One of the biggest problems is coming up with the deposit. The [...]

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How the latest budget will affect housing affordability?

The Australian housing market has been a political issue for many years now. Affordability has declined throughout the entire country and it is no longer just young families that are struggling. First time buyers and even well paid professionals are all having the same problem: suitable properties are practically unaffordable and hard to find. In [...]

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How Can Green Energy Improve Your Property Valuations?

You will very likely have seen a lot of media focus on green energy and living in a more sustainable way. This generally means making adjustments to your lifestyle, but you might be reluctant to make adjustments that will cost you a lot and have an unknown effect on your property valuation. The truth is [...]

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Here are some Sydney suburbs that are worth buying into

Property prices in Sydney are booming. Recording a whopping 19.2% increase over the last year, it’s one of the largest increases in the last 10 years. This is why more and more of us are turning our attention to Sydney's suburbs in search of a property investment. To get the best investment or residential property [...]

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5 Things NOT TO DO WHEN NEGOTIATING in Sydney Real Estate

A lovely lady called Clara came to me a few weeks ago. She’d been looking for property for a few months. Clara had sold her Randwick home in December last year and was looking for a pad by the sea. By the time we chatted again she was moving closer to purchasing a property in [...]

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