7 Mistakes Sydney Property Buyers Make

Buying property and helping our clients make the very best decisions is something that we do every day. There are many mistakes that we ALL make in life.   One of them is trying to buy your own home which can be a stressful and emotional journey.  That niggle of missing out on a property can cause a lot of regret. If only you had some guidance along the way.  Here are some common mistakes that can be made.

Mistake #1
You don’t have time to tackle such a big decision
Time is the new commodity. You can make more money but you can’t make more time. Searching and looking at property takes a lot of effort and time. Making sure everything is done with due diligence before the actual purchase also takes time. Even getting to open homes in the Sydney property market takes time. If you only have Saturdays to do all of this it can be very stressful.

Solution #1
This is what we do all day everyday
We are able to get through inspections not only mid-week but on Saturdays too. This ensures that your time is leveraged. When it comes to the purchase we have a team of independent professionals ready to do what they specialize in to ensure your purchase is pain free. So you can sit back and enjoy the journey. Buying a home should be a wonderful experience – we help to make it that way.

Mistake #2
You don’t understand what properties are worth
There are plenty of apps out there today that promise to give you the value of a property. The problem with theses apps is that they are NOT accurate. All they do is a give you an algorithm based on what has sold around the area. 95% of the time these apps are incorrect and give very wide price ranges.

Solution #2
We are experts at price research
Solid price research requires a professional to inspect the property and determine the value by using pricing applications as a tool not as the outcome. It requires human eyes and experience of going through many properties and seeing many auctions. Pricing forms the foundation of how we negotiate so it is imperative that this is correct.

Mistake #3
You don’t understand the selling process or know how to negotiate
I hear many stories from clients telling me that they missed out on property or they have more in the budget than what the property sold for. What has happened here is another buyer has come along and purchased the property at a slightly higher figure and they did not get the same opportunity.

Solution #3
We have created our proven 7 step methodology and process
From years of buying we have devised a framework to ensure risk reduction. This ensures that at every stage throughout the buying process we are aware of what is going to happen so that we can be preemptive rather than reactive when it comes to the negotiation.

Mistake # 4
You get frustrated and emotional with selling agents
Many of the clients that come to me say that they will not buy a property off ‘X’ selling agent because they have taken missing out on property really personally. Of course, it is a stressful time; you are feeling vulnerable and then you miss out on a property that you love. This is a massive decision so you are inevitably going to get emotional.

Solution # 4
We are your trusted advisors
We take the emotion out of the purchase. By acting as a third party and being able to make sense of the price and buying process many of my clients say that it is a stress-free process. We buy property from all agents and have devised ways to deal with even the most unscrupulous types.

Mistake #5
You take their advice from the wrong people.When confronted with the situation of buying property most buyers will turn to their mortgage broker, solicitor, parents or friends for advice. Whilst mortgage brokers and solicitors may be great at what they do, when it comes to understanding value and negotiation strategies, it is not something that they do everyday. Family often have the best intentions but you could be at risk of overpaying or missing out on a great property if you take advice from them.

Solution # 5
We are the last agent you need to speak to
Being educated is imperative if you want to make better real estate decisions. Flint Property looks at 1000s of properties a year so our experience can help you make better decisions.

You don’t understand the property market
You might be unsure about areas, suburbs, where to get a B&P you can trust, how to bid at auctions or what is an Expression of interest. There are a myriad of other questions too. This lack of understanding of the property market can lead to making big mistakes and have you missing out on the property you love – or worse paying too much!

Solution #6
Brooke has been a selling agent before
Having been on both sides of the selling equation we know how to make sense of not just the obvious questions but some of the not-so-obvious antics that might stop you buying the best property you can.

Mistake #7
You can’t decide what to do so they do nothing
Not making a decision in the property market can be just as detrimental as making the wrong decisions, especially in the last couple of years where property values have risen by 30%. Some of my clients that have come to me have been looking to buy for close to 3 ½ years. They often can’t stop looking back and all wish they had made a decision earlier.

Solution # 7
We help you make the best real estate decisions
We can’t change the past, but we are experts in helping our clients have clarity about where they want to go. Being in the right mindset is imperative when it comes to making the right decision. From there it is an education process to help our clients make the best real estate decisions.