Buying property well for owner occupiers…

When we work with clients they often know what they like and particularly what they don’t want, they are full of what they think they know. Oftentimes I see a client that is so focused on the past they can’t see the house in front of them.

This blog really is more for our owner-occupiers and couples are a particular specialty in this realm. We recently had a couple come to us that had purchased a property that they had both comprised on. They did not have that 3rd party to draw out and act as a middle ground so in some respects they felt they were appeasing each other reaching a mediocre solution, only to have to sell 2 years later.

In life we think so many things, what’s right for our partners, what makes financial sense etc. and appeasing all reaches us to choices, only to be remorseful about those choices and wishing we had the benefit of hindsight. However my development and involvement in eastern ideologies teaches me different, I bring this to the table with my clients. I aspire to be so present with my clients that the wisdom is delivered in the decision.

Never assuming always asking perhaps sometimes the obvious or the difficult conversation uncovers an undercurrent of unconscious beliefs, which often times are not based in property reality. We are here as your guide to assist and bring to light the unconscious issues we see.

We work with compassion, intelligence and experience in property to uncover your blind spots.   Beyond that we are there to take away the stress and assist you to enjoy either your happy relationship, heal one or perhaps start thinking something more soulful than buying property. Lets us take the stress and hard work off your hands. We always start with a beginners mind rather than one based in the past, fear…or what you think you know.