Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on a whole host of things – your search criteria, budget and whether it’s an investment or owner-occupier purchase. We have bought property in as quick as 1 week but typically it takes 1-5 months.
Of course you can benefit from our experience when buying brand new too. Property selection is vital when assessing this type of purchase and we can bring our wealth of experience to this area also.
Yes we can. We have purchased many off market properties for our clients. It is extremely important for us to go through ALL property that would suit your search criteria. This is something we will discuss in the briefing process to see if it is the best option for your search.
We can add value to any property buying situation – on or off market! We have done it before and we know how to handle each situation with care, skill and expertise.
When you live in a great suburb and have kids at the same school there are usually a handful of people upgrading. Whether it is this situation or something else we take all the stress out of the search. We can work anonymously for you until you sign the contract.
Family members are often so helpful especially if they are our parents. They often have a wealth of experience when it comes to buying property. However, at FLINT property we approach property buying as an art and a science. It is crucial that the advice you get is very much geared towards getting you the best outcome. Often our family members can be just as emotional as us in these situations and therefore you may not get the best outcome.