Flint property’s tips on an effective property search

f you have been considering buying real estate in the current market and keep missing out then you might be starting to think “why bother”?

It’s easy to get trapped into a negative story regarding your search, how you’re priced out of the market and agents under quote.  Here are my tips on hitting the refresh button so that you can get back out there with a clear head.

    1. Go through the SOLD section in Domain.com.au to see what price the properties you looked at sold for.  There is a lot of talk out there about agents under quoting.  This will educate YOU on what things are selling for and NOT have to rely on price guides.
    2. Review your wish list based on size, location and amenity. Really understand whether or not your dreaming or whether it is a possibility. If you find that the sold prices for the type of property you are looking at are way over your budget then it is time to face reality and change strategy.
    3. So based on tip 2, GET REALISTIC!  Stop relying on what agents are saying and utilise your experiencing of looking at properties to determine price.  Rather than get into the negative story about how terrible real estate agents are USE your knowledge and experience to really understand VALUE. This will really assist you.
    4. If what you are looking for is not within budget FACE reality it will save you so much time, negative emotion and possibly make you more money.  Look for those areas close to where you want to buy but a little out of the area. Look for a floor plan where you can create more space, an extra bedroom here, more parking there.
    5. Create a mood board of what your ideal home may look like. Get inspired! Visualise, mediate, pray – do ALL of this to shift your energy and then BE realistic and open to different possibilities.

If all this seems too much, call me at FLINT property on 0425 221 226.  I guarantee that my time is better spent doing what I am specialised in and yours is better spent doing  – well, anything else really…