A couple from Melbourne who had missed out on 4 or 5 properties was recommended by a selling agent.


This couple had quite a broad search looking at apartments in the East or houses in the Inner West.


Looking at what properties they had missed out on and looking for a similar style in those properties was the focus. Brooke managed to find two properties that were great within a two-week time frame. The first one was a fabulous warehouse-style newly built apartment in Waterloo. When Brooke did research on this though she felt that capital gain could be an issue based on the 25,000 new apartments slated for the area. She ended up finding a great house in a suburb they had not considered called Annandale. Brooke went into to auction to purchase this property and bought it within budget. The auction was hectic but because of Brooke’s buying strategy she managed to buy it.  The clients are over the moon and love their new suburb and home.  This will be a good grower and we achieved a great price.