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Our clients engaged FLINT Property to help them find a home to downsize in after successfully selling their home.


With Christmas quickly creeping up and a settlement date set to move out of their existing home the challenge was to see what property was on offer in a competitive market. Utilising agent contacts, Brooke quickly got through lots of off market property as well as inspecting anything on market too. Within 3 short weeks our clients’ dream future home was found. Next task was getting it purchased prior to auction, a simultaneous settlement and all within the recommended price range and time restrictions.


Brooke’s industry connections are vast and it turns out she had sold the agent’s mother her home many years prior. Brooke pushed pre-auction bids and a deadline was set. Listening to the agent’s instructions, a signed contract and best offer was delivered. In the end our clients secured their dream property for just a few thousand dollars more than the  previous bidder. To top it off simultaneous settlement took place too and they were in before Christmas.