Preparing your property to sell…

The idea here is to appeal to a wide group of people and not let your personal taste get in the way. Remember, not everyone loves a canary yellow bedroom!

My tips for getting your home buyer ready:

  • Go through each room and remove any personal items; such as photographs and anything else that makes it look like your home.
  • Go over book shelves and make sure that all books are pointed in the same way. You can even arrange them in colour. This is a great way to add a modern edge that everyone loves.
  • Go through all built in cupboards and make sure that they are tidy. Buyers will open ALL of them. Make sure there is space in the cupboards so there appears to be ample storage. Get rid of any clutter.
  • Always put a double bed in a bedroom even if it is small. When buyers go back thinking about properties they have seen they will dismiss single bedrooms as studies or kids rooms.
  • Make sure each room has a purpose and a function, even hallways.
  • Make sure that any maintenance that needs to be done is done prior to your first open home.  Paint rooms white if you can.
  • Create a welcoming vibe with flowers and candles so that buyers can dream themselves into a lifestyle.

Good luck with your sale.