Property tricks that could cost you…

These days when looking at property what we see is quite often not what we get. Some people often get caught in the trap of buying a property just because it is styled beautifully.

Use these tips to make sure you are not falling head over heels with a frog:-

Styled Property – take a measuring tape and really suss out the size of the rooms. Often times the way a room is styled is not practical. Really work out what you would you would do in the space.

Fresh Paint –Make sure you get a building and pest inspection as paint can cover dampness and a whole host of other issues as well.

Storage – Be ruthless when it comes to looking at storage within a property, especially if it is styled. Remember that no one lives like a room in a magazine. If it is a lived in property make sure you open cupboards and other storage areas.

Beds – Look out for bigger beds in small bedrooms they actually give you the illusion of space and this is not always the case.

House exterior – Make a point of walking down the sides of houses and looking out for signs of dampness, old guttering and pipe issues.

Unit common areas – Just because the actual unit is well presented remember that the common areas play a big part in the overall value. You want to buy the worst unit in the best block rather than the other way around.

Make sure the things that you can’t change in a property are right for you – Area, Aspect, Floor plans (load bearing walls) and Size for units.

Beautifully presented properties may make your heart flutter but as we know when the honeymoon period is over we can be left with an overpaid, damp, cold property!