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Flint Property’s Full Search service provides you the best solutions for investing in Sydney’s property market. We understand that buying a home will be your biggest and most important investment. Whether your home will build memories or future wealth, the returns on your investment will ultimately depend on finding the best value for your hard earned money.

Many of our clients came to us exhausted and frustrated at missing out on the best opportunities in the Sydney property market which has remained buoyant with an average growth rate of 7.3% the last 17 years. Demand continues to remain high despite the rise in prices in part because available properties are hard to find. But over the years, as a buyer’s agents in Sydney I have successfully helped hundreds of clients find their dream homes.

Our success is deeply rooted in our commitment to work with your best interests at heart. We efficiently utilize our resources, experience and expertise to find the best solutions for all your property buying problems no matter how big or small. This is why our clients choose to remain with Flint Property and continue to trust us with their property needs and referrals.

Our Full Search service is built on the foundation of a unique 5-stage methodology that ensures you are able to acquire the property you want at the best possible prices. Flint Property delivers on this promise every time because we will be with you every step of the way. We have integrated an after- care program which takes effect from the time of purchase until after the property has been properly transitioned to your full ownership.

The Five Step Methodology for Full Search:

1. It all starts with YOU. We want to know who you are; what your goals are and where you want to go.

2. With a firm understanding of what you are looking for, we will reach out to our contacts in the industry and provide you with a list of the best properties available in the market. We are here to advise and protect your interests. If necessary, we will talk you out of buying property that is contrary to your goals and expectations.

3. We understand pricing will always be an important consideration. Flint Property conducts accurate research on property pricing. In addition, we reference our research with our data base to ensure you have the best pricing options in the market. Our competence in property pricing forms the cornerstone of our strength in negotiation.

4. After carefully evaluating the merits of the property and our pricing position, our experienced negotiators will determine the best approach. We have vast experience negotiating properties under different conditions: off-market, pre- auction, private treaty, at auction or post.

5. Flint Property is here to guide you in making the best decisions in property investment. We specialize in sourcing and securing many off-market and pre-market opportunities for clients. These have the potential to be lucrative because clients do not have to deal with the general public.

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How do you know that you have found your dream home? For some, it must meet certain criteria such as proximity to schools, commercial establishments and access to public transportation. For others it must have a certain look to it. Regardless of your idea of what your dream home should be like, it must feel like home! It must make you feel welcome, safe and secure; a place where you can rest and find solitude away from the rest of the world.

As home owners ourselves we understand your motivation for finding your own home. We’ve been there as individuals perusing through many wonderful Sydney houses for sale. We know the difficult choices you have to make. The Sydney property market can be very competitive and the prices reflect demand for its real estate.

Our Property Coach service was conceptualized to guide our clients through the entire property investment process. This service was designed for clients that have the time to make the search themselves.

As your Property Coach, we render valuable advice to support your research and improve your chances of finding your dream home. We
are the only the real estate agent in Sydney you need to talk to.

How the Property Coach service works:

1. We take the time to get to know you and develop a keen understanding of the property you are looking for and what your property investment objectives are.

2. If you have a listing of properties you are interested in looking into, we can give you our honest assessment on the viability of these assets as potential investments or residences.

3. Once you have identified a property that you like we will open up our data base of resources and references to ensure no stone is left unturned before you make the decision to purchase.

4. Upon advice, we can determine the best approach to use for negotiation. We have amassed years of experience negotiating the best deals for clients under different circumstances.

5. Flint Property is here to help and guide you find your dream home as well as the best long-term investment for your money.

If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality give us a call at 0425 221 226 or drop me a message at

It may have the look and feel of your dream home; but is it? Buying a home in the Sydney property market is not an easy decision to make. It goes beyond the size of the financial investment; a larger consideration is the amount of emotion invested in home ownership that often clouds better judgment.

Flint Property’s Evaluate and Negotiate service provides a trusted third set of eyes with the experience and expertise to evaluate the home worthiness of your selected property. We are your unbiased yet objective filter who will provide you with valuable information and updated data on why your identified property is, or is not, a good investment.

This service is composed of two stages:

The first stage is Price Research which forms the foundation of how we negotiate. Many of our clients place too much trust on the data provided by the latest mobile apps. However, our research and dealings with these clients show these data are heavily flawed and out- dated. Thus, your decision to purchase a home will be based on factors that are incorrect and misleading.

The second stage is Negotiation which is initiated with the best interests of the client in mind. Over the years, we have spearheaded negotiations and have successfully delivered results to our various clients. We have accumulated a wealth of experience that allows us to effectively navigate any situation for successful negotiation.

Evaluate and Negotiate process 

  1. We will confirm that the price of the home you want is fair and in line with current property values.
  2. We will thoroughly inspect and evaluate the home and will advise you if its condition conforms to industry accepted standards.
  3. We respect the value of digital technology but we rely more on the human resource to collect and update data on real estate prices.
  4. We have resources, varied sources of references and information on the latest developments that could affect pricing in the Sydney property market.
  5. Whether it is bidding at auction, off- market, pre- auction or private treaty, our negotiators have the experience and expertise to get you the best possible deal for your dream home.

If you want to make sure you have found your dream home contact us at 0425 221 226 or drop me a message at

Flint Property’s Auction Bidding service is available for clients who need expert advice on their side during auction proceedings. An auction presents a wonderful opportunity to purchase the best properties at the most attractive prices. Auctions are held for some of the most beautiful houses in the Sydney property market. These bring in many prospective buyers and their buyers’ agent in Sydney.

An auction creates competition for the property. You must be strategic; information on the property and market pricing must be updated and you must understand buyer psychology. If you go into an auction unprepared and inexperienced, you could either overpay by emotionally bidding or undervalue the house of your dreams.
We have over 15 years of experience successfully guiding clients through thousands of auctions. We know to navigate through the sea of emotions that ride high during an auction. We can read through the antics of the auctioneer; identify the inexperienced buyers and put you in a great position for your advantage.

How the Auction Bidding Service works

  1. We will guide you in getting the best price estimate for the property you are interested in.
  2. We will bid on your behalf during the entire auction proceedings.
  3. We will develop the strategy for submitting the best bid for the property

Why would you want to do it yourself when you have this amount of experience just a phone call away?

Sign up the Dream Team and let us use our experience and expertise to help you buy the house of your dreams! Contact us at 0425 221 226 or email

At Flint Property, we understand that selling your property will be a big decision. Our Sales Advisory service is available for clients who need valuable advice in selling their property. As home owners ourselves, we understand how you feel when looking at selling your home.

Even though our core business is buying assets in the Sydney property market, as Buyers Agents in Sydney we work with Real Estate Agents on a daily basis. We observe how they conduct their work and perform in the real estate market under a myriad of conditions.

Our experience, expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Sydney property market will guide you through this very important decision.

Sales Advisory service covers 

  1. House Analysis- We will visit your home and give our professional recommendations on how to present your property to the market.
  2. Pricing Analysis- Our pricing data on property prices are always updated. We will come up with an estimate of what we believe your property is worth. This will be your reference point when you are about to make a decision on selling your property.
  3. Agent Recommendations- We will help you select the best fit real estate agent among our short list of qualified candidates.
  4. Campaign Availability- We will be with you throughout the process and help you sort through all the information. Our hands-on involvement will ensure you will get the best offer for your property.

Selling your property can be a difficult one. If you need someone to lean on give us a call at 0425 221 226 or e-mail at

Flint Property’s Pro Bono package is like having a Property Coach on hand.  This package is our way of giving back to the community. If you work in a service industry like nursing or fire fighting and are looking to buy property for under $550,000 please write us an email about your circumstances. We are currently developing a service that assists those in the community that may not be able to usually afford a Buyers Agent.  All we ask is that you give a small donation to our favourite charity.

*Conditions apply

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