Sometimes you need to kiss a frog to find your dream home

When it comes to buying your dream home and combining it with reality, there’s usually a process that we need to go through.  So often we have to hold our clients’ hand through this rather emotional process.  Liken it to the prince charming principle.  You have this fantasy in mind of your perfect prince, only to find you’re kissing frogs the whole time.

That’s where we step in. OK I have to say it, we kiss the frogs for you and not only that, we tell you whether or not they could be your prince charming.  I speak to buyers all the time and for whatever reason, they discount property based on what they see online.  It may be the agent, the photos, the copy, no floor plan, no address, no price and so on.   To find your prince you have to get out there and kiss frogs.

There was a property advertised that we saw on the web. It looked like a toad and I mean a warty fat unattractive one. It had nothing going for it. The agent was a well-known crook, the photos were poor, the “location shot” was actually the view. I went through it because I don’t mind kissing a frog for a client and guess what? It was a prince.

This property was on a waterfront reserve, with a garage, 140sqm internal and with water views. Not advertised as such, it was in a premier location, tenanted so it looked undervalued and you know the rest.  There was no other interest.   The price research I did showed it should have sold for over $800,000.  The old frog just couldn’t get the competition to get the result.  We bought this property for $740,000 ! Way under what the true value of what it was worth.

When looking at property don’t rely solely on the Internet. Get out there and kiss some frogs!  Or call us and we’ll do the job for you.