Jo and Dutchy


My husband and I had been looking to purchase a property in Sydney since 2017. Living overseas, we found it difficult to view properties in person and our kids were getting really fed up with being dragged around to view houses during their holidays whenever we were back in town. We felt it was a lot of pressure to place on friends and family who had kindly viewed properties for us so I thought about engaging a property agent to help us, but the idea seemed extravagant so we continued searching unsuccessfully by ourselves for another year.

In March 2019, we finally made the decision to engage an agent, Brooke Flint, to help us find a property to purchase and we couldn’t be more delighted. Brooke’s personal approach, her professionalism, the time and care she took to understand our requirements – from both investment and aesthetic perspectives, her thorough knowledge and understanding of the Sydney market and negotiation skills resulted in her purchasing a much better property for us than we had ever expected to be able to purchase and all within a month.

Not only did Brooke take all the stress and any doubt out of making such a big investment decision, she actually made the process fun and exciting. She even found excellent tenants for the house before we settled. I cannot recommend Brooke highly enough and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

Alexandra & Brennan, Bangkok (Paddington)
My partner and I were looking to upgrade our family home for nearly a year when we came across Brooke, who was recommended to us by a sales agent. My first reaction was that getting a buyer’s agent seemed like an indulgence, that we should just keep looking. But the problem wasn’t finding properties we liked it was actually securing the right property and Brooke helped us enormously in narrowing our field and then negotiating and finally closing the deal to get the house we wanted.
She is candid, up front, a great negotiator and does her due diligence on all aspects of your desired property.
We bought the house we wanted and Brooke saved us $$$$.
Sophia Zachariou
Words cannot express how happy we are with the outcome you have delivered. From the moment we met you, our lives became a great deal easier and we found a window into the somewhat daunting process of buying real estate in Sydney.
Your brief was to help us find a new home within a ridiculously short time frame and with the added pressure of knowing one half of the team was not quite ready to move on from our existing (sold) house. Three weeks after our first meeting we are literally amazed to be making arrangements to move. You discovered an ideal home, managed to stick to our budget and allowed us to remain in the area we love. The short settlement period you negotiated has saved us the stress, and costs, associated with a double move into a short term rental.
Your comprehensive experience in the property market and your very open style were key to gaining our trust from our first meeting. As we worked with you it became clear that you have a deep personal commitment to fulfilling your commitment to your clients. You became a close confidant in record time, were always available and totally on the mark with your insights. It’s simply who you are.
We will gladly speak with anyone who would like to hear first-hand about you and your great work. Many, many thanks for your efforts. We are over the moon with our new home.
Jim Burke & Lynne Kilgour
We bought our dream home prior to auction and it was nerve wracking, but we couldn’t have done it without Brooke and Flint Property. She took away 90% of the nerves! Within a few hours of seeing the property and saying it was the one she had sent a detailed pricing report assessing our property against similar ones sold in the last 6 months. She then told us a price range for the property. She organised a building and pest inspection, a solicitor and came up with a strategy to buy prior and minimise the risk. We are happy with the price and the process and don’t think we’d be moving to our new home in a few weeks without her help. When you work and have children, a buyers agent like Brooke is essential. You’re making the biggest purchase decision of your life so I think it was worth every cent to pay an expert to help.
Dr Sally Nathan & Tim Saunders, Kingsford
After you did so well in finding us a great investment property, it was a no-brainer to engage you to find our new home. We’re again very pleased with the result – a great property, great location, and a fair price. We appreciated your flexibility and responsiveness as we adjusted our brief and expectations. You have to move fast in the Sydney market, and the speed and efficiency with which you did all the due diligence and wrapped up the deal on our favourite property was very impressive.
Yvonne and Roger Fetherston, Paddington
purchased an investment property in a very hot Sydney market through Brooke several years ago and was very pleased with her knowledge, professionalism, strategy, value for money and care.
Recently, I had the opportunity to look at entering the Inner Sydney property market again and of course went back to Brooke with new requirements. Once again, Brooke researched and advised me on the market, found a suitable property, negotiated on my behalf for a highly contested desirable warehouse apartment and secured it for me at below what I have been independently advised is its market value.
I wholeheartedly recommend Brooke and FLINT Property to any property investor or home buyer.”
Gerald & Wendy Gooden, Annandale
We recently engaged Brooke Flint to assist us with a complex real estate situation. Firstly to help us select an agent to handle the marketing of our property at Berry on the South Coast, then to appraise a property we were interested in buying in Sydney, and giving us a guide as to its real value.
For the first task Brooke travelled to Berry and interviewed three agents. Her interviewing was incisive and thorough, yet diplomatic. After further research one agent was chosen.

For the second task Brooke undertook a thorough inspection of the house and homes in the area and made a rigorous appraisal of the value of the house. However it was at the actual auction that Brooke’s outstanding talents came to the fore. Brooke did the bidding for us and engaged in such game of brinkmanship to the point that not only were we successful, but in the process saved us a great deal of money – compared to how we would have done had we done the bidding.

Later, when it came to the sale of our Berry home, the sales procedure (by private treaty) proved to be stressful and tortuous. Here again Brooke’s skill in advice and negotiation came to the fore and she followed the procedure with a terrier-like obsession to the conclusion.

We would thoroughly recommend Brooke’s services to both buyer and seller!

Tony and Stephanie Bull, Balgowlah
I have no doubt that I was successful at auction as a result of Brooke’s knowledge, planning skill and strategy. The market is aggressive and when you are competing for just one house with multiple other parties, you have to put your best forward to seal the deal. Not having bid at auction before, I had no idea what to expect and having Brooke next to me every step of the way was the best money I ever spent.
It was great to have Brooke next to me at auction. It gave me the edge I needed to achieve a successful result. Brooke in action was impressive and I would never not have her next to me when buying a property again.
Kate Adams, Erskineville
Thank you for all your hard work and expertise in securing my new home.
What started as a very daunting prospect for me ended up being smooth and pain free. Instead of spending so much time on research, bidding, negotiation, organising inspections etc I was able to get on with my life and do the things I am good at (which doesn’t include buying real estate!).
You brought a great deal of valuable experience to the process and your tactics got results. At the end of the day I would not have secured the property without you. I’ll be back in touch when I’m ready to buy again.
Thanks also for the referrals. All of the people you have suggested have been very professional, proactive and deliver.
Leanne Stagnitta, Russell Lea
After a year of endless house-hunting and being the under-bidders 4 times at auction, we felt like luck would never be on our side. We desperately needed help and were concerned house prices were rising and we needed to enter the market. Our mortgage broker suggested using a Buyers’ Agent and introduced us to our saviour Brooke.
I can’t speak highly enough of how Brooke completely turned our dire situation around in a matter of a couple of weeks. She applied several critical strategies, gave us invaluable tips and provided energetic and unwavering support to tackle our house-hunting with fresh eyes. Brooke’s honesty, agility to move fast and deep understanding of the real estate market saw us finding the best home of our entire search and made our dream a reality. She was then invaluable in the negotiation stage, ensuring we had the edge over the other interested parties, provided advice and in-depth knowledge which allowed us to purchase the property without over-stretching our budget. We wish we had engaged Brooke’s services earlier and would highly recommend her services. We are now happily in our dream house and I truly feel without her help, we would still be wasting our Saturdays looking for a home.
Jo McCalister & Eeuwout, St Peters
After three and a half years of unsuccessful searching for a home, we turned to Flint Property on the advice of some friends from work.
Despite what we thought were very high expectations on our part, Brooke Flint managed to deliver to us nothing short of the perfect home using her resourcefulness, contacts and extensive knowledge of the property market.
Brooke addressed our concerns and guided us out of tricky situations constructively, intelligently and very patiently. We feel that we were protected at all times and we know that we could not have found this home on our own.
For this we are very grateful to Brooke and we highly recommend her and her team to any prospective property buyers.
Cindy & Matthew Parish, Roseville
As a first home buyer, I was troubled by the thought that I could make the most expensive mistake of my life (that might be a tad over-dramatic, but when dealing with those sums of money and all your hard-earned savings, it felt true!).
So, navigating the hyperbolic waters of selling agents (some act like your best friend, some like your sleazy neighbor), the fluctuating market, the constant media hype about property prices … it was a relief that you guys were steering the ship. It wasn’t until the search went on for longer than we probably expected, that I also valued the time-saving aspect of your service. The counsel provided along the way, especially when I felt a bit impatient, was great – you guys took the emotion out of it, and kept the reassurance that we hadn’t found the right place yet, but that it would be forthcoming.
Annie Griffiths, Annandale
After spending a few months looking for a property on our own, we felt a little out of our depth. Brooke was recommended to us as a buyers agent, to assist us in finding the right property at the right price for our family.
Brooke was outstanding in every aspect of the process. Brooke’s professionalism, attention to detail, industry knowledge, property analysis and dedication ensured we were able to secure the right property in an extremely competitive market. We felt completely secure in entrusting Brooke to handle all the negotiations and details of our purchase.
We can’t recommend Brooke, or the services of Flint Property highly enough. We will definitely use her services again in the future.
Yas & Anna London, Waverley
It was great to have a professional partner to find a property for us, particularly in such a heated aggressive market like Sydney. Brooke was great to work with, really pleasant and helpful, and really knew her stuff. We had been looking, albeit half heartedly for a few years, but didn’t
 have the knowledge or skills needed to conclude a deal. Brooke found us a great property in a short space of time, but even more valuably secured us that property at a good price. Very impressive!
Jacquie Riddell & Martin Brown, Bronte
The most valuable thing for me was Brooke’s constant reassurance regarding the process, her extraordinary patience and unrelenting commitment.
Prue Browne, Woolloomooloo
To say thank you seems not enough!! You were so patient, funny, tolerant and knowledgeble. You knew the right strategy to use in order to help us secure the right place for us. You also saved us a lot of money as we were prepared to offer more than we did, but you knew it was enough!!
Thank you x 1 million !!
Victoria Drese & Aaron Michie, Glebe
Thank you so much for finding us our dream home and getting us the lifestyle we’ve wanted for so long. Throughout the process you’ve been smart, tenacious and unflappable. You’re a star!
Gemma Piper & Michael Brown, Manly
This is what I found the most valuable in dealing with Brooke: It was very useful having my expectations shaped, given that I had such a strict budget.
I also really valued the fact that – given I was in a kind of grieving process about having to downsize – Brooke was so kind and patient with me! The other helpful thing was being able to pass over the responsibility of having to traipse through houses every Saturday. This allowed me to get on with running my business and meant that mostly I saw houses that had been vetted.
Overall I was delighted with the service and would definitely recommend it to others.
Judith Carpenter, Arncliffe

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