The difference an agent makes…

The difference an agent makes. It is often said the “difference a day makes” and I will say the same about real estate agents. Spend a Saturday looking at real estate across Sydney and you will see the difference. You may see the well-heeled, attractive skinny brown types or the chubby polyester suit wearing siting down not taking numbers type OR something in between. Question is would you rather buy from the attractive seemingly got it going on type or the other?

As a buyers agent we have to be ready for all scenarios. Of course we have our favourites, as we believe they are very good at what they do. However at the end of the day they are being paid by the vendor not by us or you. They have a job to do. To answer my last question about which I would prefer to buy from? It comes down to what we do. We do thorough price research, we understand the market, and we get their modus operandi. We can’t control the market of course but we can control the other elements.

In some instances we have transparent agents that give us the low down as much as they can. At other times in’s a matter of translation and reading the subtext. We have actually gone to the extreme of categorising agents so that it makes the negotiation phase way more successful. We also spend an extraordinary amount of time watching the market something a selling agent simply does not have time for. We believe in choice, research and strategy and follow those principles.

Ultimately we do not have to rely on whether the agent is well heeled or not and that is the difference. In saying that there are agents that we would totally recommend and prefer to deal with and those that we would not.