Client engaged Brooke to help him purchase a 2 bedroom apartment on the Lower North Shore with a budget of up to $850,000.


Soon into the search our client changed his brief to the Eastern Suburbs which proved to be impossible unless he broadened his areas. Whilst searching for another client in a lower price bracket Brooke came across an 82 sqm 1 bedroom unit that oozed potential. The unit fitted all our client’s needs with the exception of the bedrooms so Brooke quickly acted and pushed to buy prior to auction.


After completing due diligence an offer was made in the way of a closed bid to the agent. Knowing that her price research was concise, Brooke insisted the client increase his offer prior to submission by $2000. Thankfully he did and the property was purchased at $200 more than the next highest bidder. Our client is currently redesigning the apartment, making it into 2 bedrooms with a brand new kitchen and bathroom all within his original budget. Another unit 3 floors up with an identical floor plan to the redesign recently sold for $1,195,000. Great buying!