Visualize Your Future to Buy Your Next Home

A few years ago I met a lovely couple who were living in the burbs with their three kids.  They had just assumed that when you have kids you move to the burbs.  One day they opened the cupboard only to find 6 blenders falling out.  They looked around the house and realized that they had only bought this big house to store all the “stuff” that they had acquired over the years.

They had an epiphany –  what they needed was not more “stuff” but more “time” to enjoy life.  As their kids were now teenagers, having more “time” was something they could easily have if they wanted to.  In essence, what they realized was that what they wanted was to downsize their life.  They wanted a lifestyle again, to live in an area where they could go on a date night by only wandering up the road and fall back in love with life again.

Many clients that I have seen don’t have a clear vision about where they want to live. I think it is extremely important  before you make any big decisions, to take some time out and truly imagine what you really want out of life.  Back when I was a selling agent, I would meet clients who would do a tree change only to find out that they did not like the trees that much.

Visualizing your Reality

 There are many ways to visualize your reality.  Firstly take some time out and put yourself in a space that is away from the usual hum-drum.  This might be a chair in the house you love, you may go for a walk in nature, on a beach or in the park.  The idea is to get out of your busy head space, close your eyes and imagine what does your life will look like 5 years from now maybe even 10; Who will you be with? Where are you working? Will you be living in the city or by the beach? Really go there….then just write down how you feel, if you are a couple do this separately and then come together.

You can take this exercise further and create a vision board. If you are not on Pinterest you can join up and use this as a vision board space. Or do it the old fashion way, away from a computer.  All you need is a blank sheet of cardboard, some old magazines, and some glue.  Flick through the magazines and pull out pictures that really resonate with you,  don’t think too much about this.  Then once you have done this, glue the images to the cardboard. I did this years ago and recently looked at my vision board and was surprised at how many things were in my life today.  It truly is a great way to work out where you want to go.

 Finding your Why?

Once you have envisioned the lifestyle for yourself, the next thing to do is to find out why? Why do I want these things out of life? Why do I want to move? Why do I want a change? These questions may be big or small but taking the time to really ask yourself creates a break in the circuit.

Get out and Experience Suburbs

When you are playing around with where you want to move to.  Go out to some of the suburbs that fulfill your practical brief such as budget, schools (if needed), transport and village and spend some time there.

On Strategy

When assisting these clients I actually helped them sell as well. They were about to accept an offer pre-auction on their suburban home as they were fearful that they would not achieve their price and I stopped them from doing this. On auction day the property sold for $100,000 more. When buying for them they had the Lower North Shore and Balmain on the list. We ended up buying for them pre-auction in a serge market and they were thrilled.

I checked back in with them a year later and they were enjoying their new lifestyle. The kids were more self-sufficient, they only had one blender and the date nights meant that they were closer.  We have a service called DownsizeByDesign which is an end to end solution to your property buying move.If you are looking for a new future call Brooke Flint 0425 221 226.