What is a Pre-settlement inspection?

What is a pre-settlement inspection???

The purpose of a pre-settlement inspection is to ensure that the property you purchased looks the same as it did on exchange of contracts.

A good thing to keep in mind is that we are not all the same and cleanliness levels differ from person to person. Professional standard cleaning is not required unlike the requirements you may have experienced with rental properties previously.

Take a copy of the front page of the contact with you and double check that all inclusions remain. We also use a checklist as this can be an emotional time and things may be forgotten.

Always check lights are working, taps are running, flush toilets, check range hood function and so on. A vendor is not required by law to remove picture hooks from walls and is only required to fix things that have been damaged since exchange.

I recently attended a pre-settlement inspection with our clients where the apartment presented immaculately with the exception of the walls. The vendors had ever so kindly tried to patch up holes from artwork and mirrors and in doing so needed to touch up with paint. Unfortunately, in this case the paint colour used was different to the rest of the wall colour. We contacted the solicitor and were able to negotiate a small form of compensation from the settlement funds for our client to fix the problem. Settlement went ahead as scheduled that day.

People don’t often look at property closely enough and may only be faintly aware of what is actually there and not the detail. My advice is to take that extra little bit of time prior to purchasing a property to avoid pre-settlement disappointment.