Why use a buyers agent? – Case Study

Why use a buyers agent? I hear the general public say “I know how to buy a property.”

“It can’t be that hard.”

It’s the people that are wise enough to admit they don’t know what they don’t know that end up coming to see us. And it is those people that keep coming back and tell their friends.

Last year I was looking for a client in Paddington. She was very interested in a warehouse conversion that was in the midst of an auction campaign.  At first, the agent said that we could possibly buy it for $750,000 – which of course I was thrilled about. However once he experienced such an influx of competing buyers he retracted that statement and was determined to take it to auction.

So I started researching the property, only to realize that another property just like it was on the market the year before and had not sold. I had actually seen it with another client.  I rang the agent that had previously been selling this property and he was very open to putting a deal together.

The owner of the off market property wanted to sell and was prepared to sell before the other one went to auction. I finalized my due diligence and got into a position to make a bid. We had the property valued by the banks and it came in at $740,000 – $780,000.  We came in on an unconditional contract at $750,000 and exchanged.

The other property that was on the market sold for $790,000.

Just another reason to use FLINT property.

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